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King Solomon Lives…A Nubian Love Story

King Solomon Lives
A Nubian Love Story

Danny Hodges’, “King Solomon Lives”…A Nubian Love Story is a breathtaking and dazzling musical full of zest.  This powerful drama begins in modern times in the household of single mother, Mable, and her 10 year old son David.  David is struggling with the fact that his father, Sammy, has recently left them and he is losing his belief in love and family.  David’s frustration is the cause of tension and arguments between he and his mother.  One night, after an intense scolding, David is sent to bed early and with no dinner.  David’s grandfather, knowing the cause of all of his anger, slips into David’s room and begins to comfort him by telling him the legendary love story between the wise and wealthy King Solomon and the exotically beautiful Queen of Sheba. While telling the story of this Nubian love affair, David falls asleep and begins to dream.

As the audience experiences David’s magical dream, we are remarkably transported to the year 976 B.C. This time capsule takes the audience on an incredible journey to the past as this great love story unfolds before their eyes. As this story plays out, the stage overflows with beautiful scenes sure to please viewers of all ages.  From heart-stopping ballads to the electrifying images of over 20 dancers adorned in eloquent costumes telling the romantic message of love, trust and family, “King Solomon Lives” will leave you mesmerized!


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